Recording Project

For the first time since 2006, Sir Oliver prepares to release up to ten new songs for winter 2021. The songs are all in spanish and cover different music-styles from pop to reggae or rock.

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List of songs:

Get an idea of some songs that will be recorded! The following soundbites are pre-production recordings of minor quality and subject to changes during the recording process.

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The recording studio

The songs will be recorded on Mallorca in the lentejamusic studios by Alex Maldonado.

lentejamusic studio lentejamusic studio

The team

Alex Maldonado: Producer
Sir Oliver: Vocals / Guitar
Juan Nadal: Guitar / B-Vocal
Rony B: Keyboards / Piano
Tina Schmidt: B-Vocals
Joe Almiron: Bass

Alex Maldonado
Sir Oliver
Juan Nadal
Rony B
La Gata Verde
Joe Almiron


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