By donating, what are you helping to achieve?

You're helping me to record up to ten new songs in a professional music studio with the help of great musicians.

Where specifically will your money go?

All funds will be invested into the music production. Your support will help to cover the costs related to the professional recording, mixing, and mastering of the songs, specially also to hire professional musicians (in these hard times every musician needs to make money) and mastering engineers.

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What are the previewed costs:

· Studio: 3.500 - 5.000 €
· Musicians: 1.000 - 2.000 €
· Mastering: 500 - 1.000 €
= TOTAL: 5.000 - 8.000 €

What do you get in return?

< 10€:
Access to ONLINE release concert on Zoom '*'
10€ - 49€:
+ Digital download of the recorded songs
€50 - 99€:
+ Exclusive making-of videos + Blog-Access
over 100€:
+ Signed limited CD with all the songs

Any small or big donation counts. There is no minimum, and I am grateful for contributions of every size.

If you have a business or company that you want to promote by helping my project, please contact me to define special package concerning your support!

Thank you so much for your support. I'm grateful for your interest in my music.

'*' The date of the online release concert will be comunicate when fixed

How to donate?

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Click on the "Donate-Button" above. You will be redirected to the paypal page. Choose the quantity you want to donate. Choose whether you want to use your credit card or your paypal account. Enter your details (name, address, phonenumber, email - these details are only for paypal) or login to your account. Finally press the "Accept & donate now"-button.


Do you have any question about your donation? Please use the following form and send an email to Sir Oliver.